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MC Disorder

Periods Disorder &Excessive Menstrual BleedingLike I have written some of my articles earlier that whenever your lifestyle deteriorates then you neither take nutrition in diet nor do you sleep on time.It will have an effect on some part of your body.Its effect will fall on some part of your body, especially on the hormones of the female, this has a very deep effect.If a woman has a period disorder that causes excessive menstrual bleeding During periods.Many different factors can trigger menstrual disorders, including hormoneimbalances, genetic factors, clotting disorders and pelvic disease. Ayurveda cure Irregular & Excessive Menstrual Bleeding In Ayurveda, Irregular & Excessive Menstrual Bleeding (heavy periods) is known as Rakta Pradara. Excessive discharge of blood during the monthly periods is known as Menorrhagia, but when the bleeding is irregular, it is known as metrorrhagia.


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According to ayurveda, both these conditions may arise due to the imbalance of the hormones. This imbalance of hormones is caused by the aggravation of the Pitta in the body. Excessive bleeding may be due to the abnormal growth of the uterus or any other organ. If the bleeding continues for long, the woman may feel headache, pain in the calves, giddiness and restlessness. The woman may experience pain in the back, the abdomen, or the hips when the menstruation starts. The flow may be excessive and may leave the patient excessive weak. If this is happening to you also then in Ayurveda. Contact Dr. Jassi for the best treatment today.

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